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Having taught flexibility for many years throughout my pole dancing career, I am excited to share with you the secrets of getting more flexible!

It’s not so much a secret, as an approach. There is no fast tracking for flexibility if you want to achieve healthy, sustainable results. I understand too well how mundane a stretching/flexibility program can be, especially when you are not seeing improvement, and the exercises are not exactly fun. I also understand how confusing it can be to navigate through the hundreds of stretching tips/programs/exercises available online, especially if you are new to stretching, or have a specific flexibility goal in mind but don’t know how to achieve it!

I want to change that for you. One of my strong beliefs is that, training flexibility on your own, is not just unmotivating, but often unproductive. That’s why I have created an online group for anyone who wants to train their flexibility with me. In this group, you have access to weekly flexibility lessons that you can watch any time, and you can also interact and ask me questions any time. I set you monthly challenges, to keep you both accountable and motivated.

Each weekly lesson will be different, fun, engaging and have a unique focus point. Flexibility is a journey, and every ‘body’ is unique.

If you are excited as I am, join my stretching club for just $12AUD per week and lets train flexibility at your own convenience, but not on your own! Once you subscribe through paypal, I will email you a unique code that you can use to join our facebook group.

xxx Coco


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All levels welcome! Online classes run for 50 minutes and the cost is $10.
You can also purchase a 10-Class Pass for $80 (click prepaid packages).

Refunds / Catch up Classes are not available for our online timetable. See you on Zoom!