Begins 21st June

Pole & Lyra Practice
Time 2:30-4pm
New rules to keep our students safe during the COVID pandemic:
  • Please do not enter the studio before the start of your class
  • Disinfect hands with the hand sanitiser provided before and after class
  • Stay at your pole and keep a safe distance from others
  • Leave class as soon as it is finished
  • Bring your own cloths to wipe your pole before and after class with the Metho provided
  • Do not come to class if you are feeling unwell
  • If you are doing classes back to back, please exit the studio in the 10 minute gap to allow staff to mop the floor
  • If you wish, bring your own yoga mat for warm up/contortion/handbalancing and clean it with your own cloth & the mat cleaner provided before class