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Upcoming Workshops 

Doubles Acro Workshop

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Learn some fun acro positions and transitions! You will discover how to use alignment and inversions to balance together. Sign up with a friend/partner and enjoy exploring some doubles acro poses. Open to all levels, but we highly recommend doing at least one handbalancing class before the workshop.

WHEN: 18th of February 2:30pm Strathfield 

Upcoming Workshops with Olga


Contortion Workshop

Having spent my life in the circus as a trapeze artist and athlete I got many injuries. Then I started to realise there could be something wrong with the way we are trained. I looked for research, but while there is a lot on rhythmic gymnastics and other Olympic sports, there is very little on injury prevention in contortion. So as a coach and creator I talked to doctors and physios and learned anatomy. I have made it my mission to train my students so that they can avoid injury while training and performing. I have made it my mission to train my students so that they can avoid those kinds of injuries.


This workshop will focus on anatomy and specific exercises that will:

•increase your flexibility, particularly in the shoulders, chest and hips

•teach you how to protect your spine

•train you not to favor one side

•teach you how to stretch to do proper splits

This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand human body flexibility or how to do better splits and bridge . It very good for aerial or pole dancers. contortionists and also for rythmic or artistic gymnasts


WHEN: 2nd of March 3:30pm Strathfield 

Handbalancing Workshop

In this workshop you will learn two different techniques and how to understand the differences. I will explain how each exercise works, what muscles are involved and what role they play in achieving the results.


Gymnastics handstands practical step-by-step exercises

1.Balance on one leg, lunge and kick with a straight leg

2. Understanding the position of the core and back position upside down

3. Following the leg upside down and how to achieve that for the straight line

4. Shoulder positions and why you can’t sustain arching back for a long time


Circus hand-balancing technique

1. Hands positioned upside down

2. Shoulders position and why it is a base for a straight handstand

3. Why does your back need to be super straight and how to achieve that


This workshop is for beginners and intermediate students who want to learn or improve their handstand and hand balancing technique.


WHEN: 2nd of March 2pm Strathfield 

Prepare for your next pole photoshoot with the guidance of our experienced instructor Coco! You will get individualised coaching to come up with an array of beautiful poses suitable for your skill level. This workshop will have you feeling confident, excited and prepared for any future pole photoshoot!
Milk & Honey Workshop_20240209_131731_0000.png

Explore the timelessly sexy elements of old school style and make them your own. Think waves, isolations, legwork and edgework. And don't forget the cherry on top, let's play with touch & gaze to elevate the bewitching quality of your dance. Luxuriate in every detail of this sequence based class & sink into your own authentic expression of sensuality. Heels recommended. Basic heels experience required .

Heavenly legs_20240209_132517_0000.png

This workshop is perfect if you've attended Indi's Liquid Legs workshop or feel ready to dive into more advanced legwork techniques. Think floats, inverted waves, complex threads & tilts, stylised with delicious details. This sequence based class is for the legwork addicts. Heels recommended. Must be confident with fan kicks with straight legs, pirouettes on both sides in heels & able to straddle invert. 

Instructor Coco features in  Timomatic's 'Go to Work' <3

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