Intermediate Static w RITA

The Rainbow Marchenko training course is for anyone who would love to achieve the 'Rainbow Marchenko' (or similar positions e.g. 'cocoon' and 'eagle') on the pole ❤

Taught by our head instructor COCO - a professional pole dancer with countless titles and pole teaching experience - has this to say about the course:

"Years ago, this was my dream move - I spent so many hours trying to achieve it on my home pole without very much success. I was not a gymnast, I wasn't particularly strong or flexible.

What are the keys to unlocking this move? No, it's not a quick tip that will miraculously get you into a rainbow, it's tough, CONSISTENT work doing the RIGHT things. Now is a better time than ever to start your rainbow journey.. and I would love to guide you! In this face to face, interactive online course you'll be in the right hands."

Coco will run this online course through ZOOM (online platform allowing real time interaction) for an hour over 8 weeks. Participants will not need a home pole. A theraband, yoga blocks, glute band and ankle weights are necessary training tools. Throughout the 8 weeks, you will also be able to access videos of each lesson as a reference point, as well as pre-recorded tutorials and weekly challenges.

Current courses: (All times are Sydney times)

Wednesday 12:30pm SYDNEY TIME starting  4th Jan 2021

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